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Orchids of Distinction is owned and operated by Craig Miles from Ballarat in Victoria. Craig has been involved with propagating, growing and showing orchids for over 30 years.  He specialises in the growing and flowering of the very best Paphiopedilums and Miltoniopsis and has a reputation in the orchid industry as a grower that flowers orchids with class, distinction and brilliance.

Over the years many of the beautiful flowering orchids at Orchids of Distinction have been recognised both in Victoria and New South Wales receiving Cultural Awards, Awards of Merit, Best in Show, Grand Champion, and Champion Species.  Orchids of Distinction takes great pride in being able to exhibit what we grow and enjoys sharing the range of orchids with the public at various orchid shows, exhibitions and trading fairs.

Craig has been a judge with the Orchid Society Council of Victoria (OSCOV) for more than 25 years, whilst also being involved with the Ballarat Orchid Society in Victoria, both as President and an active member.

Orchids of Distinction was a vision of many years that has become a reality as we aim to fill the void for orchid enthusiasts and specialists by offering the very best growing products, supplies and accessories whilst also providing specialist imported items that allow growers to display and show their orchids in many different ways.  Whilst predominantly stocking products, supplies and accessories, Orchids of Distinction also retails as a seller of a large variety of seedlings, flowering and mature orchids and flasks.

Orchids of Distinction attends many orchids fairs both in Victoria and interstate.  Visit our events page to see where we will be.  We offer a service of guest speaking at club meetings on various topics including ‘Orchid Culture’, ‘Flowering Miltoniopsis’, ‘How to get the best from your growing environment’ and ‘Growing Paphiopedilums’.  Send an email to find out more.

STAY TUNED! Orchids of Distinction have regular orders coming in from overseas with lots of exciting new products to share with you.

Enjoy our website – we look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Growing!



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Receive emails about new products, specials, tips, tricks and upcoming events.

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